What the Kids Are Saying!

Empowering the students of McCarver Elementary to share their thoughts and feedback not only about the design process but also about their vision for the future of the parks.

"Fifteen or 20 years later we will be able to go back and say, 'We built this. This is history. Nobody can tear it down."

"We wanted to build the park for kids to feel safe and not feel that someone is trying to harm them.  We are excited that someone listened to us and did not think that we are just kids that don't have power to do such things as design and plan a park."

"I believe that if McCarver Park was rebuilt it would bring our community together to share love, peace, and joy!"

"The parks are a beautiful way to honor and remember Zina Linnik. She was a very big part of our school and a lot of people and teachers liked and loved her a lot."
-Billie Jean

"We really bonded with them. When we were talking to them they just knew what we were talking about.  They get us!"
-McCarver Elementary fifth grader, speaking about the the UW student

"Improvements to McCarver Park mean...every student can play, kids can get a lot of exercise on the walking path or they can run. That will put down hospital costs and will make children healthier."