The Value of Parks


All of us at GMPF firmly believe in the positive and lasting value of parks in our community. Most people can agree that parks add value to our quality of life, but many may not consider the real, measurable economic benefits that parks provide annually through health, social, physical, cultural, and environmental services.

Parks are a proven catalyst to local spending and tourism, and offer a solid return on the investment of tax dollars. The findings below continue to inspire GMPF’s commitment in parks: learn more about our parks’ significant community benefit and join us in sustaining the good work of Metro Parks Tacoma.

Click to view a PDF on the health benefits of parks. Click to view a PDF on the community and economic benefits of parks.


The Benefits of Parks in the Community

Click on any of the links below to learn more about the economic and environmental benefits of parks and recreation.

MPT’s Economic Impact Study (Phase I) – January 2010  (Hebert Research, Inc.) (PDF, 1.72 MB)

MPT’s Economic Impact Study (Phase II) – January 2012 (Earth Economics) (PDF, 4.32 MB)

MPT’s Economic Impact Executive Summary (PDF, 1.7 MB)

MPT’s Health Benefits at a Glance (PDF, 2.05 MB)

MPT’s Park System Benefits at a Glance (PDF, 4.14 MB)

The Outdoor Recreation Economy (from the Outdoor Industry Association Website) (PDF, 1.19 MB)